Solar Lights

This past May, The Bourke Family Foundation, through its Lights for Literacy Program, partnered with the Botswana Book Project, to provide solar powered lights to children in areas that lack electricity in Botswana. The CA based Bourke Family Foundation, believes that by providing the most basic needs (such as light), families will be empowered to reach their greatest potential.

Botswana Book Project has partnered with the Bourke Family Foundation in order to identify and distribute the solar powered lights in Botswana. The applications for lights were written by Peace Corps volunteers and submitted to the Book Project.

Botswana Book Project’s mission is to supply literacy materials through schools in order to develop an educated and informed nation as part of Vision 2016. The two organizations believe that to invest in a child, the future of that child, the community and Botswana will be brighter. The children in three communities in Botswana benefited from the 500 donated lights .  Kgope, Metsibotlhoko, and Serinane. Thank you to Bourke Foundation for your generosity in this gift to the children of Botswana.


Ceremonies were held in the villages of Kgope and Serinane... children and parents were so excited to receive the one photo, the head teacher of Kgope explains in Setswana how the lights work.

Below are photos of students using the lights...

Ephraim is in Standard 2. He’s reading a book donated by 
Botswana Book Project that he borrowed from the library at school.


Nkae is in Standard 2. She is reading her textbook to prepare for her
End of Term exams.

Omphile (left) and Emmanuel (right) are in Standard 6. They are the
top two students in their class. They are rereading their text books
to prepare for the End of Term exams. [Omphile is a girl, Emmanuel is
a boy]