Update  March 2011 

Attention Book Recipients!!!







The book container is scheduled to depart Atlanta on May 3rd.  It has an ETA in Gaborone of June 14th but we are tentatively setting up book selection for later that week....tentatively June 16-19th.  All book recipients (see attached list) should plan to find transport for that time period to select books at Baobab School Hall in Gaborone.  We estimating that you can fill 7 full boxes for each project listed.  So plan on transporting 7 boxes (for each project or school that you signed up) on your departure from Baobab.  We want to empty the room in 4 days.  

This year, I spent a month in the warehouse volunteering to pack books so I was able to direct the selection.  I think every book in the container will be chosen with delight by someone.  Thousands of children's books, novels, picture books, easy reading,nature, health and wellness, English Skills, Science, teacher education books, child development books, medical books, hobbies, crafts, art, cookbooks and more.

We are limiting the attendance to those who have pre-registered. If a recipient does not arrive to choose books, we will move their name to the 2012 list and make more books available to the recipients who come to choose.  I'm looking forward to greeting old and new friends and fellow Booklovers!

More updates as I know them!

See you in June! 


Scroll down to see letters from Peace Corps volunteers hoping for books from this shipment...

If you are interested in the Peace Corps Volunteer Experience in Botswana, check out this blogspot:


Update for April 8, 2010

Dear Friends of Botswana Book Project!

I just wanted you to know that we have completed the month long job of selecting and packing the 2011 shipment of books!

The 20 pallets represent close to 40,000 lbs, roughly 30,000 books.

We selected a wide variety of books for students from aged 2 to 20.....our recipient programs representatives from all over Botswana,  will gather at Baobab School in Gaborone in late June when the shipment arrives.  Each program will choose books best suited to their readers.  American Peace Corps volunteers have all been invited to select as well as schools from the greater Gaborone area.  Princess Marina Hospital will receive approx 30 boxes of books for their library which will be accepted by the Gaborone Rotary Club. We expect that the entire shipment will be chosen within 4 days!

The photos below illustrate the busy warehouse and its crew.   Thank you to Books For Africa Atlanta for welcoming us into your warehouse to select our books!

Thank you most of all to the many American individuals who have so generously donated to our shipping costs.  Please note that we are very close to meeting our goal on this, so please don't stop now!  We are still $2,800 short.

Every dollar donated goes directly to the non profit Books For Africa to pay shipping and packing supplies cost.  I work for free!

Jeremy moving pallets..... Matt, Liam,Tash help during school break..... donations from a doctor
shrink wrapping a pallet.... the work crew at the warehouse....and the last pallet gets weighed!!

March 23 Update

The past 2 weeks have been busy…beginning with a 2 day drive to St Louis, Missouri to meet students from Kirkwood School who have donated 5,000 library books…
Books from Kirkwood Missouri High School arriving at warehouse

It was fun to share photos of Botswana with a group of interested students 

Friends of Botswana Book Project in Kirkwood Missouri

The drive back to Atlanta was 2 days of non-stop driving rain, but by March 9th I was back at the Books For Africa warehouse with my faithful volunteers, the Mayfields.  My sister, Nancy McDonald, from Nassau flew over and joined us for a week.  Nancy and I spent 2 days sightseeing in Atlanta before we got to work selecting books.          

Pam and Nancy toured CNN studios

We packed adult fiction and a smattering of secondary books and then we went into “Waiting Mode” for the next donation of children’s books.  Books For Africa has been so busy fulfilling requests for children’s books, they actually ran out.  Diane and Pat Carlotta joined us and another day we had Diane, her daughter Carla and boyfriend Andrew helping to pack.

Nancy gets right into her book selection...... Diane Carlotta, Barbara Mayfield and Pat Carlotta

Diane Carlotta, duaghter Carla and Andrew Bascas, and  Diane and Barbara  packing books

We are now waiting for the children’s book donation that should be here tomorrow.  I will be selecting books to fill the last 8 pallets…only 280 more boxes to go! The Mayfields and Carlottas will be helping to pack at various times in the upcoming week and we hope to finish up by April 1.

There will be approx 700 boxes total and we have approx 80 Botswana recipient programs on our list, so every program will be able to select and collect 8 boxes of books to take back to their villages.  The selection is wonderful!

March 4 Update

This was Day #6 of packing the container.  Fridays are quiet days at the BFA warehouse because its paperwork day for the staff and there are no volunteers on the floor, outside of my crew of 3.  To understand the difference, on a good day, there might be 100+ volunteers bustling around moving books...some are collecting credit for college community service, some are serving time for vehicle parking tickets, some are just local people giving a day or two....it can be very hectic with Brad and Jeremy skillfully navigating the forklift vehicles in and out the crowded aisles. I weave through it all with my cart, concentrating on the book bins that have just been moved to the floor to be sorted....sometimes I have to climb inside the bin to check out the books at the bottom because I'm too short to reach from the top rim.  I move every single book out of every bin, hundreds, sifting through them to pluck out the ones we want for our Botswana theme. Brad, Jeremy and James, Books For Africa staff, are all musicians and they take their music seriously.  The sound system is wired to fill every corner of the warehouse and it keeps the beat going.

We worked steadily and finished PALLET #6, our goal.   6 days=6 PALLETS.

14 more to go!
Claude packing pallet #6, Pam getting into her work and the end of Day 6!!


March 3 Update

I just finished my 5th day of book selecting and packing at Books For Africa warehouse in Atlanta....my good friends Claude and Barbara Mayfield have been on my team every day.  We spend close to 8 full hours each day....I forage through huge bins of donated books, like a squirrel looking for nuts....I bent over the cardboard side of bins for so many hours, I've actually bruised my ribs!  I'm searching out the leisure reading, science and health books that the recipients in Botswana have asked for.  Claude and Barbara accept the loaded trolleys as I fill them with select books and they size them and fit them carefully into our boxes, trying to fit as many as possible.

The final container will hold 20 wooden pallets, each pallet holding 28 cartons....about 1400 pounds each.  As we complete each 28 box pallet, we label it carefully and then pile on top some goodies like BIG BOOKS and small boxes of other learning supplies and materials.  Then the Books For Africa staff come and shrink wrap the whole deal and use the forklift to move it to the back of the warehouse where we are assembling our shipment.

Today we finished PALLET #5 (see photo) and signed off until tomorrow when we plan to complete PALLET #6.
On Saturday, I drive to Nashville TN and then on Sunday I complete the drive to arrive in St Louis, Missouri where I will meet the Kirkwood School Students who donated 5000 books.

I'll return to Atlanta on Tuesday and by Wednesday it will be back to PALLET #7.

20 days of packing total....15 more to go!


5 days of packing= 5 full pallets.....Claude and Barbara Mayfield, daily volunteers

March 2 Update
The books arrived this morning from Kirkwood High School.  The work crew gasped as we opened the truck load of boxes, because we were so impressed by the quality!  Not only did most look brand new but they were all favorite books of American students...primary to teen. Their teacher had told them "Choose books that you yourself might want to receive"...they did!

Thanks again to the students, their wonderful teacher Karen Ambuehl and her father Tom who not only delivered the books but stayed to help repack them in our container boxes!

By the days end I, with help from Friends of Botswana Book Project (Barbara and Claude Mayfield), have packed 4.2 containers.  Yippee!  Only 14.8 more to go!

Best, Pam

Loading boxes in the Warehouse..... The Kirkwood High School delivery

The work crew... Pam is in the center


March 1 Update

Pam has just spent 2 full days at the Books For Africa warehouse in Atlanta where she has selected over 3,000 books!  Hundreds of picture storybooks, easy readers, novels for young readers and for teens, health and medical books, and many general library books.  Everything in excellent condition!  Pam will continue to select books until the 20 pallets are full...about 25,000 books

Pam's RV at the warehouse......
Pam's dog Mitzi is the supervisor



This is the first of a number of updates directed to all of you who are registered as recipients of the 2011 Book Container, which is tentatively arriving at the end of June.  As soon as I have a better ETA, I’ll send it.

The selection in this container should be the best EVER as I am spending 3 weeks in Atlanta Georgia, home of the BFA warehouse (my supplier).  I am personally selecting the majority of books, although the Kirkwood High School in Missouri has collected 5,000 children’s books in a massive book drive and they are delivering them to me this week. That means I only need to choose about 20,000 from the warehouse boxes….

Such back breaking work but such fun, too! 

I’ve been updating the Botswana Book Project website with the latest progress… 

The only snag left at this point is that we are short by $5,000 in our shipping fund at Books For Africa…
so we need cash before we ship! 

I’m asking you all to contact anyone at home (USA), family or friends, who might contribute even $10.00 to the fund.  The little donations add up as I found out last year, when over $6,000 was donated in small amounts by generous Americans over an 8 week period. 

All they need to do is look at www.booksforafrica.org and click “DONATE TO PROJECT”, then click “BOTSWANA”.

The instructions there are clear as to how to make an online donation.

Be sure to check out the www.botswanabookproject.org website to read some of the letters sent by Peace Corps volunteers.  Those letters keep me going with my efforts.  They are so eloquent as to the need for books.

If you wonder what the warehouse looks like, I’ll be updating the website every night with photos…over the past 2 days I selected and volunteers boxed over 3,000 books… Hundreds of picture storybooks, easy readers, novels for young readers and for teens, health and medical books, and many general library books.  Everything in excellent condition!  I will continue to select books until the 20 pallets are full...about 25,000 books in all.



A group of students in Missouri has collected 5,000 books for Botswana Book Project.  They are being delivered to the warehouse in Atlanta.  For pictures and the whole story, please click here....

Kirkwood High School
**Photos taken by Emma Flynn, one of the primary organizers of the book drive


Peace Corps requests!!
Pam has been receiving letters from Peace corps volunteers in Botswana, requesting books for their communities.... below is a sample of the letters.


Hi Pam! 

My name is Lucie and I am a Peace Corps volunteer. I am a Community Capacity Builder (CCB) volunteer based at the clinic which basically means I build HIV/AIDs capacity/awareness through education and implementing behavior change programs. I also spend much of my time at the Community Home Based Care. (HBC) This is a center in our village that offers testing and counselling services, a gym, a bakery, and library. I am located in the North East in the Tutume Sub-District, about 2 hours north east of Francistown.

 At HBC we have a community library. Last year I started a reading club for the primary school children at the library. I am still trying to work out the kinks but as of now I am helping the kids read English. I would be very interested in being considered for the Botswana Book Project. Let me know if you need to know anything else. 

Thank you very much!



My name is Katie, I am a Peace Corps volunteer serving in Salajwe, Botswana. I had the pleasure of visiting Baobab School in November when the school hosted a pool party for surrounding primary schools.

 I am interested in the Botswana Book Project to collect 400+ books to improve the library facility at Salajwe Primary school. I am working with a teacher to increase use of the library by teachers and students, including an English Club.

Please let me know what all you need from me in order for me to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, including help to find donors. My husband is also interested in joining to collect books for Lempu CJSS in Salajwe.

We look forward to your response.
Katie 'Lesedi’ S


Hi Pam,
My name is Sunny L, I am a Peace Corps Volunteer working in the S&CD Office in New Xade, Botswana. I received an email about the Botswana Books Project and would love to be considered for the list of recipients.
In conjunction with the Utlwanang OVC Support Group in New Xade, I am currently making plans to construct a youth center for our OVC's and out of school youth which would include a small library of books for the children (age 8-16) to read during our program.
In addition, our Learning Center has a Reading Room that currently houses books; the Dosset has asked me on several occasions if I can attain more books, especially moderate-english level novels and reference books. The Reading Room is lacking in Children's books. I am currently teaching an English club with the Primary School and after
this term, would like to start an after school reading club for the kids in the Learning Center, but most of the books I am finding are too hard for the young students or too easy for the older youth (i.e. We have the Kite Runner and books on Agricultural Techniques, but we don't have many elementary or teen-level books, where most of our students are at). I am often approached by out of school youth requesting to borrow books from my personal library, so I know that the books will be well used and appreciated.
New Xade is also in need of a good English program. I am working with the new English Teacher to develop new and exciting ways for our students to learn English. So far, in addition to the English Club, we are implementing a pen-pal program and creative writing journals for our Standard 6 Classes. I would love to add a reading and creative
writing component to the classroom. They students tell me that the library is one of their favorite places in the school, though this surprises me because there are few books there for the students to read.
Any book donations would be split between the 3 above projects as needed.

-Sunny "Wame" L
S&CD Peace Corps Volunteer, New Xade 2010-2012


Hello Pam

My name is Nathan Mathew and I am a Peace Corps volunteer in
Botswana. I would love to help my school benefit from The Botswana Book Project program.

I have been placed a rural primary school in the village of Medie.  It is a humble and slow paced village with a
population of roughly 600 people. Our school is modest and we lack many resources that children in other villages find common. We are without many leisurely reading materials and books that inspire the imagination. I and another teacher have recently began a reading and language club which we hope will boost test scores and motivation. The students of the school consistently test below the standard and are in need of anything that may help.

Please let me know what I can do to our schools chances of being a recipient. I am without electricity but I do manage to check my email once every couple weeks.

Thank you for your time and consideration in helping me with this matter.

Nathan "Paco" M


Dear Pam,
My name is Allison W.  I am a Peace Corps volunteer based at the
clinic in Etsha 6, Botswana.  I wanted to get some information from
you on the Botswana Book Project.  I’ve been working a lot with the
schools in the Etsha are and know that their libraries could use some
What is the process for schools to apply for a book donation?  I know
it is a bit late in the process; I hope you are still adding schools
to you list for donations this year.  There are a couple of very
dedicated parents and teachers who would appreciate and use the books.

Thanks for all of your help and for everything that you’re doing for
students in Botswana! I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Allison W
Peace Corps Volunteer, Etsha 6

If you are interested in the Peace Corps volunteer Experience in Botswana, check out this blogspot: 



On January 25th, Pam met with the Miami Brickell Rotary Club to discuss a 2011 proposal involving the Gaborone Rotary Club, Rotary International and a gift of a softcover dictionary to every secondary student in Botswana....a container full!


January 2011

2011 caught me dawdling along as I toured the USA…I’ve been keeping warm as I explore Florida, especially the Florida Keys but its time to begin organizing the 2011 Book Container, which I hope to ship out of Atlanta at the end of March.

I’m continuing the theme “Books That Help Children to Develop a Strong Moral Compass and a Healthy Body.”  So, basically, we need any book that helps a person to be the best they can be.  Novels, picture books, non-fiction…as long as they are in like new condition, the project needs them.  The container can hold as many as 28,000 so don’t hold back!

I plan to be in Atlanta, at the Books For Africa warehouse for most of February, every day selecting and boxing the donations that arrive at the warehouse door.  We need to pack roughly 650 cartons to fill the container and I aim to make it the best selection yet! If you have books to donate, follow our instructions on our website “How to Help” page and be sure to mark your boxes clearly FOR BOTSWANA.

We are still in desperate need of $ donations to meet the shipping cost of $13,000.  We are presently at about $ 5,000 .  Every dollar helps so don’t hold back. This is one charity where every penny clearly goes to the shipping…no salaries, advertising accounts or marketing.  Donations can be made online at the www.booksforafrica.org site  (click on Donate to Project, then hit Botswana.) or checks can be sent to Books For Africa in Minnesota.  They do not keep any of your donation, it just goes into the Botswana account and they let me  know, so I can thank you personally. 

One of the nice parts to being director of the project is that I get to read the acknowledgment notes from the Botswana recipients.  Below, I’ve shared some letters so you can judge the value of the project yourself.

Hope to hear from you soon! 



Hi Pam,

My husband and I are PC Volunteers here in Ramotswa, Botswana.  We've been a part of the group anxiously following the progress of and final shipment of your incredibly generous book delivery.

I can't begin to even tell you the joy of seeing these spectacular gifts!  

The children and teen books reminded me of those I read to my own girls.  (We are older volunteers in our 60s.)  When too old for the bedtime stories, they became voracious readers in their own right.  I knew every Newberry award selection along with the myriad Babysitter's Club, Nancy Drew and Junior Great Book selections.  How the children and parents of Botswana will benefit from these gifts.  (And, I had thought the books would be used. No indeed!  Brand new and so inviting.) 

I must also tell you the treasure of receiving 12 copies of "The Red Tent" for which I already have plans.  

First, a bit of background.  I'm assigned to a Senior Secondary School here, 1700 junior and senior students.  Among all my activities with the kids, my greatest satisfaction has been the establishment of two Girls Book Clubs.  Running now for just a year, each has been an opportunity for the girls to grow, not only in their English skills; vocabulary, reading aloud practice and literature study, but the Club has brought out the their own stories.  Many of them are orphaned and live with struggles that would challenge the strongest among us.  The Club has given each girl the support and love needed to grow and prosper.  The books I used for the Clubs were generously donated by two women friends in the States.

With your generosity, I intend to begin a Teacher's Reading Club, with The Red Tent as the first selection.  The applications have already been drawn up by the School Librarian and myself and we begin the process next week.  

To you, your donors and all involved in this gift of reading we profoundly say thank you.  The books are a treasure beyond the describing of it.


Maureen's book club


And a second message from Maureen as she writes to Anita Delant, author The Red Tent.

Wow!  I can't believe I'm actually writing to the author of The Red Tent.  What a fabulous book...congratulations on your talented work...I loved it as did a number of my Peace Corps colleagues here in Botswana.

I am forwarding to you a note that I sent to Pam, including my delight to have received 12 copies of your book.  As you will read, I'm planning to put them to good use.  This is culturally a rich audience for your story.  The Botswana are critically versed in biblical history and this will be right up their alley.

I'm also going to try to attach (I'm NOT a computer whiz!) a picture of my Girl's Book Club who are pictured reading The Secret Life of Bees.  Great book for adolescent girls.

Thanks again so very much for your generous and kind book donation.  You will never know the circles of influence you will have here.



And From A Nature Reserve Education Centre-

I would love to assure you that the books are used very well, the students and guests who visit Tachila love the little library very well, some are even donating books towards the growth of the library.

Our school is situated in the Francistown area at a place called Gerald Estates. It is called Tagala Primary School. We can appreciate it if your company can keep on sending this type of books because they can benefit our children.

We are prpaered to share them with other schools if given the chance to do so.

Thank you so much in advance on behalf of school management team.




Dear Pam,

I just came upon your letter and business card and realized I had not yet responded to your request to let you know what happened to the books I collected once I left the collection area.

My Batswana friend was so interested to have learned more about the project and to have a hand in it. We went right to Modipane Primary School and unloaded the heavy boxes with the eager help of maybe a dozen boys who looked small but were very strong!

The books were then sorted in seven piles - one for each Standard 1 - 7. Then each had a code number put on the back with a black marker and they were then delivered to each classroom. There are two classes for each standard in our school.

I personally did the delivering - showing the children the Books for Africa box and explaining the long journey the books had made to come to them. Then one by one I showed them each book, briefly describing each. I then read one book to the class. And then we talked about how to take care of the books, and that they were not to be locked in the closet but kept in a special little library section in their classroom where they could enjoy them in their spare time. AND they were NOT to be found on the dirty floor!!

I bring a Life Skills lesson to each room once a week. And I have been using the books to read them a story and then to discuss a life skill we discover in the books. There is always a familiar refrain I hear as i finish reading a book and get ready to say bye-bye: "One more!! Just one more!!"

They have also used the books to fulfill one of the government Syllabus obectives: to write a book report. 

At the beginning of Term 1 in January each class will swop their classroom library and they will see fresh books.

Before the books arrived, the only books were locked in the small school library and the selection was very limited. The teachers would take the children to the school library only once or twice a term. 

So the books have brought excitement and interest to the school and has also enriched each classroom which the teachers appreciate greatly.

I thank you once again for your hard work and dedication to Books for Botswana. thank you for thinking of us!

Mary, Peace Corps Volunteer




Hi Pam,
I emailed a few months back about getting books, and with the help of Peace Corps I have several hundred.  Just wanted to send my thanks a few pictures.  Because we had so many we shared some with the clinic staff I work with, and also a few with the preschool in my village which is where my "mom" works and I spend a few hours a week.  Thanks, everyone in my village is so excited for something to read.
 Christine Rose

Christine's Mom reading a book to class



Thank you as well for such a good initiative to donate knowledge for the present and future. 

B2 Teen club



Dear Pam,

Not only did the primary schools in Kopong get books from me, but also from Baobab Primary as they cleaned up the remaining books.  Thank you.  I have cataloged nearly 200 hundred of the 450 books that your organization donated to our junior secondary school library.  

The school head seemed pleased with the idea of getting library information on computer, and plans to try to acquire a new computer just for library research.  I will soon train the librarian to use the database and plan to train a few students to use it as well so they can
assist her in entering books.  It is a less than perfect system, but much better than having no card catalog at all.

I hope to begin our first book club group soon with the multiple copy of several novels that I selected from the books. I also am using some of the child development books and picture books in the preschool and parent group that we recently started at the community library.  Those books will ultimately become part of the community library's collection.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I'm making good use of the classroom management books as well.  Some staff
members and I are preparing a presentation for the staff at our junior secondary to help promote effective and healthy classroom management skills.  I have
gotten a commitment from Love and Logic, Inc. in the States to donate materials as well, so am very happy to plant the seeds of change that will someday lead
away from the practice of corporal punishment.

As you know the process of change is slow and particularly slow here, but what you have done to facilitate literacy here is remarkable.  I am grateful to be a part of it.  I will do my best to send you email addresses for future contacts
as book recipients for my village after I'm gone.

Thank you,
PCV Kopong Village



Kindly, we as Guardian Angel Orphans Society (GAOS) would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of orphans and underprivileged children in our society. Your contribution of books is highly appreciated.

Your donation came at the right time, since the children are faced with many challenges, especially lack of support on their education; hence their school performance is going down. Therefore I have no doubt that because of your good gesture the children will have a brighter future. Indeed your help will pave the way for the better future of the kids.


We will be very pleased if you could continue supporting GAOS in realizing its goals. We also urge you to keep on making a positive difference in the world for kids, and together we can make a difference. Let’s share a common dream and make the future better for children. We hope we will be part of your future developments.


Once again thank you. May God bless!

“Shield the Children”


Yours Sincerely,

 Percy Madikwe (Mr.)


Dear Pam Shelton

I writing to say thank you very much for the books we recieved from you which were selected and delivered by Mrs Lynne Pendleton, they will be very useful to our children, since we are running an Orphan and Vulerable chidren centre, at times we run short of funds to buy good educational  material for them, so thank you very much and I hope that even next year we will be able to recieve more books from you.

Best Regards 

Sr Margaret

Centre Manager



September 2010 Update

Hurray!  The container finally arrived at 4:00PM on 22 September, a Wednesday.   We recalled the hired workmen, who had been waiting since the morning and had been paid for the morning of waiting and sent home.   The men were raring to go and had the container of 650+ boxes unloaded in record time of 1.5 hours! 

truck arriving and the  workers Pam hired to unload 

They used hand trucks to move the boxes into the Baobab School Hall, heaving them up over the one step, where they placed them in long rows width wise in the Hall.  Christine Lobile, Head of Baobab School and a few of her teachers, assisted me to slit open the tape on every box.  Baobab staff were given a chance to make their selection of library books, while I separated the books sent specifically to Coaching for Conservation in Maun and the books specifically sent by Doug Lee to Bana ba Metsi School in Shakawe.  This proved to be a time consuming job as many of these books had been transferred to BOOKS FOR AFRICA boxes so as to help reach our weight goal (odd sized boxes do not stack well and take up precious space). 

Volunteers slitting open boxes, the Baobab tree in front of Baobab School  and Pam and Christine Lobile moving boxes

By 8:30PM, the books had been found, the Hall locked up and with smiles of satisfaction, we all headed home.  The Baobab staff were ecstatic over their selection of primary level books.  For the past 12 years of the Book Project, the book containers were always unloaded at Maun Sr Secondary School, northern home of the Project.  The books were primarily distributed in Ngamiland area, so most teachers in Southern Botswana have never been a part of the Project.  “What a great selection” was the comment I heard most often.

boxes are open and ready for selection,  a Baobab School teacher selecting books

Baobab teachers and students select books


7:00AM on Thursday, I opened the Hall doors for most of the Predestinated book Recipients who were eager to select books for their school or charity. 

Many Peace Corps Volunteers were present and they selected books for the PC volunteers who were not able to come to select. 

Day 2 book selection......Mr Quill Herman, a friend of BBP,  helping with selections.......Peace Corps volunteers

Sandra Stonehill and Kim Sales from the Rotary Club of Greater Gaborone volunteered their time to select books for various charities such as Kagisano Society Woman’s Shelter Project in Gaborone and Women Against Rape safe house in Maun. 

Peter Dow of Coaching for Conservation in Maun and Waxy Letubo of Tachila Nature reserve in Francistown selected books for their Environmental Programs.

Student volunteer... Lisa Jamu,director of Stepping Stones Int'l.....Marang JS school in Gaborone

Baobab School Hall after 48 hours and 25,000 books have been selected

The scene was repeated on Friday and then on Saturday, 8 volunteers from Baobab School staff assisted me all day in selecting books for area primary schools until our arms and backs were aching and the Hall was full of packed boxes.

family of book lovers....tiny book worm

more young book lovers

Sunday we rested and on Monday, I put the last 1000+- books in cartons to be moved against the back wall so the Hall could be set up for an Independence Day concert on Tuesday morning.

Selected, boxed and ready for delivery.... student volunteers moving packed boxes   


I was stunned to realize that we had unpacked, selected, reboxed and labeled over 28,000 books in less than 4 days!!


On Tuesday, the remainder of the books were boxed for schools, leaving only a few boxes of Spanish books, unmatched copies of encyclopedia sets and a few boxes of books that had no relevance in Botswana (ex. The History of Georgia, vol.1).

After sorting out and boxing the book remainders, Pam drove to Mochudi to visit Stepping Stones International, an exemplary afterschool care centre for vulnerable teens.  Nontombi, the librarian, discussed their plans for the new book shelves and showed Pam the Girl's Reading Club discussion folder.  Tiny, premier staff member, had organized the Mochudi area orphan care group leaders, who had received books from the Book Project, to come and thank Pam personally for the books.
Nontombi, head librarian at Stepping Stones Int'l  and staff member Tiny

Pam with head of 
Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo daycare

 This marked the beginning of the Botswana Independence Day 5 day holiday.  Pam celebrated with her friend Unity Dow and family at the farm in Leshibitse village.  The next day, Pam drove north to Serowe and the Khama Rhino Sanctuary for a few nights of camping and game viewing. Excellent as usual!

Pam takes a day off at Rhino Sanctuary.... Solitary giraffe and rhinos taking a mud bath

the elusive eland (a kind of antelope) and zebra at dawn

Then back to Boabab for a luncheon with Christine and a few teachers to discuss the end result of the week of books...and make a plan for 2011...followed by Pam boxing the last bit of books that could be used by schools for:

Kubung Primary School /  Kubung
Etsha 1 Primary School / Etsha
Etsha 6 Primary School / Etsha
Etsha 6 CJSS / Etsha
Tsau Study Group / Tsau

There were two new projects that evolved from this book shipment...

When planning this shipment, Pam met in Ngamiland District (North West Botswana), with Allison Brown who is a top Emergency Care Nurse/Sister in Maun.  Allison agreed to be the recipient/coordinator of Medical/ Health/ Wellness books for the district.  When the 38 boxes of books arrive in Maun (they are on route to Maun now), Allison, with assistance from Dr. Yared at Maun Hospital and Magna at Okavango Pharmacy, will sort and then distribute the books throughout the various health facilities including Thuso Rehabilitation Centre and perhaps Shakawe clinic.  The need for these resource books is huge and The Book Project plans on featuring a district Health Library with every future shipment, next being Gaborone District.


The Baylor Centre for Excellence in Pediatric Care in Gaborone distributes antiviral drugs every month to over 4,000 HIV+ children in Botswana.  The Botswana Book Project offered Baylor the books to distribute to each child next month when they receive their medications. The Book Project hopes to continue this project each year.

 I’m so pleased with the event and the spirit of cooperation among the recipients! 

Note that I will be busy in the USA, fund raising for a 2011 book Container and hope to have it full and on its way to Botswana in mid March.




 Baobab School / Gaborone
Stepping Stones International / Mochudi
Tapologo Daycare / Mochudi
Motswadi Rehabilitation / Mochudi
Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo (BBM) / Mochudi
Maria Moagi Daycare / Mochudi
Mochudi Hospital Pediatric Ward / Mochudi
Ramokgonami village Library / Ramokgonami
Mother Theresa Resource Centre- Kings Foundation / Francistown
Coaching for Conservation / Maun
Tachila Nature Reserve / Francistown
Lifeline Youth Group / Ramotswa
Ramotswa Library / Ramotswa
Emmanuel Counseling Centre / Ramotswa
 Modipane Primary School / Modipane
Marang CJSS / Gaborone
Kopong CJSS / Kopong

Letsholo Primary / Kopong
Molefe Primary / Kopong
SOS Tlokweng Children’s Village / Gaborone
Naledi SS School / Gaborone
Believer’s Destiny Academy / Gaborone
Seramena Primary School / Metsimotlhabe
Guardian Angel Society (GAUS) / Gaborone
Ramotswa SS School / Ramotswa
Kamogelo Orphan DayCare/Preschool / Gabane
Sorilatholo Primary / Sorilathalo
Motse Wat Tsholofelo (Village of Hope) / Maun
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church / Maun
Losale Youth Initiatives / Maun
Thari- E Ntsho Storytellers / Maun
Mmanoko Primary School / Mmanoko
Mmanoko Community Library / Mmanoko
Moshupa SS School / Moshupa
Tlhabologo Primary School / Gaborone
Galaletsang Primary School / Gaborone
Masa Primary School / Gaborone
Bontleng Primary School (Special Needs Unit) / Gaborone
Tshwakagano Primary / Gaborone
Dihutso National School / Gaborone
Mmopane Primary School / Gaborone
Metsimotlhabe Primary School / Gaborone
Ramotswa Centre for the Deaf / Gaborone

Khuduga Primary School / Gaborone
Camp Primary School / Gaborone
Diphetogo Primary School / Gaborone
Bana ba Metsi School / Shakawe
Kagisano Society Woman’s Shelter Project / Gaborone
Tumasers-Seleka Village Library / Tumasers-Seleka
Moeti CJSS / Maun
Sedie CJSS / Maun
Tshwaragano CJSS / Maun
Tsodilo CJSS / Maun
Makalamebedi CJSS / Makalamebedi
Motopi CJSS / Maun
Sehitwa Primary / Sehitwa
Sehitwa CJSS / Sehitwa
Boseja Primary / Maun

Okavango Pharmacy Maun Health Library / Maun
Diverse & Holistic Health Care Project For Ngamiland /Maun
Maun SS School / Maun
Botshelo Trust / Shakawe
Gaborone Private Hospital Pediatric Ward / Gaborone
Princess Marina Hospital Pediatric Ward / Gaborone
Sekoma CJSS / Sekoma
Ngami CJSS / Etsha
Okavango CJSS / Gumare
Shakawe CJSS / Shakawe
Molopolole Life Skills at Dithejwane / Molopolole
Bogogobo Primary / Middlepits
Gaborone West CJSS / Gaborone
Tloga Tloga CJSS / Gaborone
St. Joseph’s SS School / Gaborone
Ledumang SS School / Gaborone
Gaborone SS School / Gaborone 
Thuto Isago Trust and Hope Mission / Ghanzi

Pilikwe Reading Room / Pilike
Maun Hospital / Maun
Regional Health Program / Maun
Leshibitse Village Library / Leshibitse
Kauxi CJSS / Shakawe

Women Against Rape safe house / Maun
Thuso Lutheran Rehabilitation Centre / Maun
Lehgwaphang Primary School / Molopolole
Borwa CJSS / Bokaa
Hope Mission / Bokaa
Tlhomo CJSS / Kanye
Kanye Library / Kanye
DAC Office Library /Kanye

Kalamare ARBT Day Care Centre / Kalamare
Pule Memorial Primary Centre / Gabane
Gabane CJSS / Gabane
Kanye SS School /Kanye
Bona Lesedi Orphan Care / Kanye
Manyana Primary School / Manyana
Boswelakosi CJSS / Manyana
                     Mogobane CJSS /Mogobane                  
Moselewapula CJSS / Gaborone

Maikano CJSS / Gaborone
Galaletsang Primary / Gaborone
Ikageng CJSS / Metsimotlhabe

Odi CJSS / Odi

Bonnington CJSS / Gaborone
Mogoditshane CJSS / Gaborone
Teen Reading Club at Baylor Centre / Gaborone

Preschool Program at Baylor Centre / Gaborone
Children’s HIV antiviral program -- “Give a book too”  

107 recipients!!

Thank you to all my volunteers and supporters!!

A Word of Appreciation...

My list of THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for all the help with the success of the past week's event would cause you to scroll forever so I'll just mention my partners...

First, Christine Loabile, Head of Baobab School is awesome as a partner in a project like this...she doesn't flinch under stress and is so friendly that we all had a good time working our bums off packing books for hours....Thanks Christine!  Looking forward to next time!

The Baobab School Staff was wonderful help and I was so glad to see their smiling faces on Saturday, ready to help pack books for other schools!  Great community spirit!  Thanks!

Of course, Thank you so much to the Baobab School Board for allowing the Book Project to tie up your beautiful Hall for the days we needed it!

To the Peace Corps Volunteers, Rotary Club, Teachers and Charitable People from all over Botswana!!    THANK YOU!  SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

I can never end this week without thanking the American charity that supplies, boxes and organizes the container for me! Thank you, Books for Africa!  The BFA Atlanta warehouse staff assisted me for 3 months to get this container filled and ready to go....thanks so much!
 www.booksforafrica.org is responsible also for accepting the donations to make this consignment possible....if you are interested in donating to our 2011 shipment, check out their website ...look under "projects"  and select BOTSWANA BOOK PROJECT, please.  We need to raise $13,000 and we are only part way to our goal.  Every dollar of donation helps! 

Thanks, Pam


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