September 2010 Update

Hurray!  The container finally arrived at 4:00PM on 22 September, a Wednesday.   We recalled the hired workmen, who had been waiting since the morning and had been paid for the morning of waiting and sent home.   The men were raring to go and had the container of 650+ boxes unloaded in record time of 1.5 hours! 

truck arriving and the  workers Pam hired to unload 

They used hand trucks to move the boxes into the Baobab School Hall, heaving them up over the one step, where they placed them in long rows width wise in the Hall.  Christine Lobile, Head of Baobab School and a few of her teachers, assisted me to slit open the tape on every box.  Baobab staff were given a chance to make their selection of library books, while I separated the books sent specifically to Coaching for Conservation in Maun and the books specifically sent by Doug Lee to Bana ba Metsi School in Shakawe.  This proved to be a time consuming job as many of these books had been transferred to BOOKS FOR AFRICA boxes so as to help reach our weight goal (odd sized boxes do not stack well and take up precious space). 

Volunteers slitting open boxes, the Baobab tree in front of Baobab School  and Pam and Christine Lobile moving boxes

By 8:30PM, the books had been found, the Hall locked up and with smiles of satisfaction, we all headed home.  The Baobab staff were ecstatic over their selection of primary level books.  For the past 12 years of the Book Project, the book containers were always unloaded at Maun Sr Secondary School, northern home of the Project.  The books were primarily distributed in Ngamiland area, so most teachers in Southern Botswana have never been a part of the Project.  “What a great selection” was the comment I heard most often.

boxes are open and ready for selection,  a Baobab School teacher selecting books

Baobab teachers and students select books


7:00AM on Thursday, I opened the Hall doors for most of the Predestinated book Recipients who were eager to select books for their school or charity. 

Many Peace Corps Volunteers were present and they selected books for the PC volunteers who were not able to come to select. 

Day 2 book selection......Mr Quill Herman, a friend of BBP,  helping with selections.......Peace Corps volunteers

Sandra Stonehill and Kim Sales from the Rotary Club of Greater Gaborone volunteered their time to select books for various charities such as Kagisano Society Woman’s Shelter Project in Gaborone and Women Against Rape safe house in Maun. 

Peter Dow of Coaching for Conservation in Maun and Waxy Letubo of Tachila Nature reserve in Francistown selected books for their Environmental Programs.

Student volunteer... Lisa Jamu,director of Stepping Stones Int'l.....Marang JS school in Gaborone

Baobab School Hall after 48 hours and 25,000 books have been selected

The scene was repeated on Friday and then on Saturday, 8 volunteers from Baobab School staff assisted me all day in selecting books for area primary schools until our arms and backs were aching and the Hall was full of packed boxes.

family of book lovers....tiny book worm

Sunday we rested and on Monday, I put the last 1000+- books in cartons to be moved against the back wall so the Hall could be set up for an Independence Day concert on Tuesday morning.

Selected, boxed and ready for delivery.... student volunteers moving packed boxes   


I was stunned to realize that we had unpacked, selected, reboxed and labeled over 28,000 books in less than 4 days!!


On Tuesday, the remainder of the books were boxed for schools, leaving only a few boxes of Spanish books, unmatched copies of encyclopedia sets and a few boxes of books that had no relevance in Botswana (ex. The History of Georgia, vol.1). 

 I’m so pleased with the event and the spirit of cooperation among the recipients! 

Note that I will be busy in the USA, fund raising for a 2011 book Container and hope to have it full and on its way to Botswana in mid March.





Baobab School / Gaborone

Stepping Stones International / Mochudi

Tapologo Daycare / Mochudi

Motswadi Rehabilitation / Mochudi

Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo (BBM) / Mochudi

Maria Moagi Daycare / Mochudi

Mochudi Hospital Pediatric Ward / Mochudi

Ramokgonami village Library / Ramokgonami

Mother Theresa Resource Centre- Kings Foundation / Francistown

Coaching for Conservation / Maun

Tachila Nature Reserve / Francistown

Lifeline Youth Group / Ramotswa

Ramotswa Library / Ramotswa

Emmanuel Counseling Centre / Ramotswa

 Modipane Primary School / Modipane

Marang CJSS / Gaborone

Kopong CJSS / Kopong

Letsholo Primary / Kopong

Molefe Primary / Kopong

SOS Tlokweng Children’s Village / Gaborone

Naledi SS School / Gaborone

Believer’s Destiny Academy / Gaborone

Seramena Primary School / Metsimotlhabe

Guardian Angel Society (GAUS) / Gaborone

Ramotswa SS School / Ramotswa

Kamogelo Orphan DayCare/Preschool / Gabane

Sorilatholo Primary / Sorilathalo

Motse Wat Tsholofelo (Village of Hope) / Maun

St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church / Maun

Losale Youth Initiatives / Maun

Thari- E Ntsho Storytellers / Maun

Mmanoko Primary School / Mmanoko

Mmanoko Community Library / Mmanoko

Moshupa SS School / Moshupa

Tlhabologo Primary School / Gaborone

Galaletsang Primary School / Gaborone

Masa Primary School / Gaborone

Bontleng Primary School (Special Needs Unit) / Gaborone

Tshwakagano Primary / Gaborone

Dihutso National School / Gaborone

Mmopane Primary School / Gaborone

Metsimotlhabe Primary School / Gaborone

Ramotswa Centre for the Deaf / Gaborone

Khuduga Primary School / Gaborone

Camp Primary School / Gaborone

Diphetogo Primary School / Gaborone

Bana ba Metsi School / Shakawe

Kagisano Society Woman’s Shelter Project / Gaborone

Tumasers-Seleka Village Library / Tumasers-Seleka

Moeti CJSS / Maun

Sedie CJSS / Maun

Tshwaragano CJSS / Maun

Tsodilo CJSS / Maun

Makalamebedi CJSS / Makalamebedi

Motopi CJSS / Maun

Sehitwa Primary / Sehitwa

Sehitwa CJSS / Sehitwa

Boseja Primary / Maun

Okavango Pharmacy Maun Health Library / Maun

Diverse & Holistic Health Care Project For Ngamiland /Maun

Maun SS School / Maun

Botshelo Trust / Shakawe

Gaborone Private Hospital Pediatric Ward / Gaborone

Princess Marina Hospital Pediatric Ward / Gaborone

Sekoma CJSS / Sekoma

Ngami CJSS / Etsha

Okavango CJSS / Gumare

Shakawe CJSS / Shakawe

Molopolole Life Skills at Dithejwane / Molopolole

Bogogobo Primary / Middlepits

Gaborone West CJSS / Gaborone

Tloga Tloga CJSS / Gaborone

St. Joseph’s SS School / Gaborone

Ledumang SS School / Gaborone

Gaborone SS School / Gaborone

Thuto Isago Trust and Hope Mission / Ghanzi

Pilikwe Reading Room / Pilike

Maun Hospital / Maun

Regional Health Program / Maun

Leshibitse Village Library / Leshibitse

Kauxi CJSS / Shakawe

Women Against Rape safe house / Maun

Thuso Lutheran Rehabilitation Centre / Maun

Lehgwaphang Primary School / Molopolole

Borwa CJSS / Bokaa

Hope Mission / Bokaa

Tlhomo CJSS / Kanye

Kanye Library / Kanye

DAC Office Library /Kanye

Kalamare ARBT Day Care Centre / Kalamare

Pule Memorial Primary Centre / Gabane

Gabane CJSS / Gabane

Kanye SS School /Kanye

Bona Lesedi Orphan Care / Kanye

Manyana Primary School / Manyana

Boswelakosi CJSS / Manyana

Mogobane CJSS /Mogobane                  

Moselewapula CJSS / Gaborone

Maikano CJSS / Gaborone

Galaletsang Primary / Gaborone

Ikageng CJSS / Metsimotlhabe

Odi CJSS / Odi

Bonnington CJSS / Gaborone

Mogoditshane CJSS / Gaborone

Teen Reading Club at Baylor Centre / Gaborone

 Preschool Program at Baylor Centre / Gaborone

Children’s HIV antiviral program  adds “Give a book too”

107 recipients!!

Thank you to all my volunteers and supporters!!

I can never end this week without thanking the American charity that supplies, boxes and organizes the container for me!

Thank you, Books for Africa!  The BFA Atlanta warehouse staff assisted me for 3 months to get this container filled and ready to go....thanks so much!

Books for Africa ( is responsible also for accepting the donations to make this consignment possible....if you are interested in donating to our 2011 shipment, check out their website ...look under "projects"  and select BOTSWANA BOOK PROJECT, please.  We need to raise $13,000 and we are only part way to our goal.  Every dollar of donation helps! 

Thanks, Pam


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