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Thank you to all of the donors who helped make this container a reality.  I will be at the Books For Africa warehouse in  Atlanta GA  January 13-19th to pack the container.

It departs Atlanta on January 22nd headed for Botswana.

Botswana Book recipients will be contacted when we get closer to the actual arrival date so they can make arrangements to come to Baobab School in Gaborone to select books.  First preference to American Peace Corps volunteers in rural villages.

Happy Holidays to all,


The Book Project has almost covered the shipping costs for a 2013 container filled with 40,000 lbs of books and educational supplies!!
 We have just received a $1,000 grant from Books For Africa, our partner organization (Thank you so much to BFA!) which brought us closer to the total cost.
We are sharing the container with Botswana School Project which has split the shipping costs (Thank you to this project!).  These partners have helped to accelerate our timeline!

We now hope to get a container packed by the end of January to arrive at Baobab School in Gaborone, Botswana at the end of February.

Thank you to everyone who has donated toward the cost of shipping! Your dollars have brought the children of Botswana an opportunity to enjoy books and reading.

Stay tuned for updates on the shipment!

We can accept book donations (only LIKE NEW books, and no textbooks or encyclopedias needed) in the name of BOTSWANA BOOK PROJECT at the BFA warehouse in Atlanta.  Details for shipping on this website!


Botswana Book Project has a new partner for the 2013 Shipment!!

 A new non-profit, Botswana School Project, has offered $7,000 toward the
 shipping costs of a container, provided the Book Project can complete the
 total cost of $13,700.

We have $4609 in donations already so we need $2091 to be able to pack
 the container and send it to the children of Botswana!!

 Every dollar gets the books closer to the children waiting to read
 them….please consider helping us by making a contribution to
 Botswana BookProject today!

June Update

Great News!  The Botswana Postal Service is Commemorating the Rotary Club of Gaborone for their good work in many arenas.  One stamp is dedicated to the RCGG and Botswana Book Project.for the distribution of books.  Hopefully this will help publicize our work!   Pam

Here is another letter from a Peace Corps volunteer:
Kalamare Library
Kalamare, Botswana

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer living in Kalamare, Botswana, Africa.
Kalamare is a very small rural village with approximately 2,000
residents.  There is a small library or reading room in Kalamare which
seems to be the center of many activities and is utilized by a great
deal by children and students.  Villagers come to the Library on a
daily basis to read the newspaper, check out books, study and to seek
information.   Researching is difficult because there is no internet
access anywhere in the village.  People simply do not have a
convenient,  low cost method of receiving current information.   The
people in Kalamare are very low-income and simply do not have the
money to travel to neighboring towns to access internet or go to
larger Libraries.

The Kalamare Library has only 6 metal book shelves which house its
current inventory of books.  These shelves are not full by any means.
The Library is in dire need of books of any kind.   Since the village
does not have access to the internet the Library needs books which are
up to date and contain more current information.  The only set of
reference books is from 2005.

The Library is currently involved in supporting a Craft Group in the
village.  Women come to the Library twice a week to learn how to knit,
make jewelry, work with clay and construct paper mache objects.  They
like to learn the traditional way to make crafts but also are open to
learning new forms like macramé.  They hope to sell their goods and
make a few extra pula to buy food for their children and pay school
fees.  “How to” books and reference books would be very helpful to the

Books of all kinds are needed.  Adults need 'how to' books on
computers, accounting, math and books for entertainment and fiction to
practice reading and understanding English.  Reading material for
children of all ages and all levels is needed.  Activity books would
be a welcome site because there is little to do for children in the
village and they look to the Library and the Librarian for
stimulation.   Every age child comes to the Library everyday to look
at and read books.



The push is on!  Let's get a shipment together by August! 
I've heard from our dedicated new Peace Corps Volunteers in Botswana and they waiting for our books!  See 3 of their messages...

Hi Pam,
 I'm Caitlin, a Bots11 volunteer.  I live in Dutlwe, a
village of about 1,000 people, 180k west of Molepolole, and work at
Dutlwe Primary School. When I arrived at my site in November, our
library was a poorly maintained room that rarely received any
visitors. After moving it to a different room and reorganizing it in
January, I opened it for students, bringing in classes during the day,
and opening it before school a couple of days a week for anyone
interested in reading. I work a lot with Standard 3, in particular,
and their time spent reading paid off, as this week the term exams
showed that Standard 3 scored highest in English. The school head and
teachers are very excited about the library, and I am trying to make
it a welcoming area for all students.
 We have a good amount of books, but they are mostly just multiple
copies of the same book. This makes it difficult to keep the kids
engaged, as there aren't many new options for them. For this reason my
school would benefit greatly from book donations.
As the unofficial librarian, I can say that the
students' grades are already improving from their time in the library,
and more exposure to different books would only help us in our effort
to improve their English skills.
 Thank you so much for your time and work getting books to the kids
of Botswana. Through our collaborative efforts, I'm excited to help
make an impact on the children of my village during my short two years

Dear Pam,

BOOKS are the number one priority for me in my school (Kopong Junior Secondary School). Bookstores in Botswana are few and far between. When I see one I am magnetically drawn there and find that invariably it is stocked with religious books or copies of old school books, all of which are much too expensive for the average person much less a peace corps volunteer.

English is the official language of Botswana, and all student exams are given in English. The sad truth is most students are taught in Setswana (sometimes not their first language) and I am hard pressed to hear English spoken during the school day. Books have opened the world to these students and provided a means to help them bridge the gap between what they are being taught in school and what they are being examined on.

Thank you for your efforts. We are all thankful for this opportunity.

Celia (Olebogeng)
PCV, Kopong

Dear Pam,

Thank you so much for your help getting the books from the Botswana Book Project to Morwamosu Primary School!  The program has been invaluable to the school and has really assisted in building the library for the preschool that we are starting in the community.  With the arrival of all the new books the students are excited and eager to explore all the new materials.  The timing couldn’t have been better because I am currently working with the teachers and staff to promote a Reading Competition at school to encourage the students to do more outside reading and to improve their English comprehension.

 I have plans to begin a puppetry workshop with some of the students and I plan to keep you updated on that, hopefully with photos as well.  I am hoping that I can get some of the PACT students involved so that they can work on presentations and plays relating to some of the topics we discuss in club meetings such as peer pressure, decision making and HIV/AIDS issues.

I intend to keep you updated on what I am doing with the materials here, although it may be a bit slow going at times, I am confident it will progress.  If there is anything I can do to help generate support of the program please let me know.  Thank you again for all of your help and support with this project.





Botswana Book Project has been invited by Bourke Family Foundation to distribute 500 solar lights to needy students in rural areas who have been struggling to read by firelight.  The Bourke Family Foundation of  Newport Beach, CA has distributed lights in Ghana, Liberia and Tanzania in the past and is ready to have Botswana Book Project distribute them in Botswana. 
The Bourke Family Foundation is committed to increasing literacy by providing solar powered book lights to children where the basic need of light is scarce.  By providing book lights, we give children the opportunity to read and educate themselves out of the poverty cycle.

Thank you to the Bourke Foundation on behalf of the children of Botswana!



September 2011 Update

We are just beginning to plan for the 2012 container.  We are only accepting monetary donations at this time (not donations of books) as I have no warehouse space to keep the books until 3 months before we ship to Botswana.

All $ donations are gratefully accepted. 
Please follow instructions on the HOW TO DONATE page.


June 2011 Update

The book container, approx 30,000 Books was off loaded,
all boxes were emptied into piles on the floor and then selected by over 90 organizations. 
These are only a few of the photos...more upcoming !!

The books are making a huge difference in the Botswana Libraries...

I'm driving across the USA, leaving today!
More photos in a few weeks...

Thanks to all who made this possible!


Happy readers at Baobab Primary..........Pam with Kim Sales
of Gaborone Rotary Club
after boxing books for Kagisano Women's Shelter.

Students choose books........ Unity Dow and colleagues lend a hand to boxing books

Teachers at Paige Primary School enjoy the books....... a teacher choosing books

Paige school motto....... ............the Book Project sign............traditional way of sitting

Teachers choosing books and educational supplies

a future cheerleader.... Clifford the Big Red Dog in Botswana!.....Getting some new craft ideas

a dad and his son... and mom and her daughter choosing books

Christine Lobile.............Paco, a Peace Corps worker.........Mike from Gaborone Rotary Club lends a hand
at inventory of the new Teen Book Club Books

Gateman enjoying his book............. Loveleen Nanuan brought her family
from Molopole with a home cooked lunch for the Book Project crew

Khama Rhino Sanctuary Education Centre...the class is out on a game drive.

These are the last entries until August!

Our Webmaster, my sister Nancy, is on holiday in Kenya until 3 August.....!  Bon voyage, Nancy and Ross!


Here is a letter from a June book recipient that really made my day:

"Greetings Pam

Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo wishes to express its thankful to the valuable contribution of books
you gave to us. We therefore wish to award you with this certificate of appreciation.

please place it on your front office, we want the world to know that you care for the disadvantaged.

Thanks a millinon time. God Bless you

Mooketsi Maruping
Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo"

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